Industrial Sweeping & Scrubbing Contractors


For Professional Machine Scrubbing of:

  • Warehouses
  • Coolstores
  • Factories
  • Footpaths
  • Any hard surface
  • Do you have dirty floors in your warehouse, factory, cool store or workshop? 

We can help you solve these problems

Sweep n Scrub operate one of the largest ranges of machinery in the Lower North Island.

We operate three ride on machines, Two Battery ride on's for efficient fume free work as in cool stores etc, and a large LPG powered machine for the largest of buildings.

Also a small walk behind machine for detail work and small area's.

Floor scrubbing is ideal in cleaning and any hard surface, Scrubbing machines scrub the floor with rotating brushes together with powerful 'MAF' approved detergents that cut through, loosen and remove ingrained dirt and grime. 

The squeegee and suction at the rear of the machine suck the solution back into the machine's storage tanks, thus leaving your floor clean and dry within minutes with little disruption to staff and work areas.

Liquid spills, and flood damage can be picked up and cleaned using our scrubbing machines.

If we cannot solve your cleaning problems with a cost effective solution, No One Can!